The Quad Squad (Belgian Quadrupel)

Since we've been getting better at the all-grain brewing style I've been wanting to try a stronger all-grain beer.. and found a recipe from the Mad Fermentationist that looked perfect. This should be a great beer for Christmas.

I had to modify slightly based on what I had from the local homebrew store. Here is the final outcome.

Recipe Specifics (All-Grain)

Batch Size (Gal): 5.00
Total Grain (Lbs): 16.75
Anticipated OG: 1.096
Wort Boil Time: 95 Minutes

14.0 lbs. Belgian Pilsener
1.50 lbs. Dark Candi Syrup
0.50 lbs. Crystal 120L
0.50 lbs. Flaked Corn
0.13 lbs. Debittered Black Malt
0.06 lbs. Chocolate Malt
0.06 lbs. Pale Chocolate Malt

2.00 oz. Fuggles (Pellet) @ 45 min.
1.00 oz. Czech Saaz (Pellet) @ 15 min.

1.00tsp Irish Moss @ 10 min.
3.00 gm Coriander Seed @ 2 min.
5.00 gm Fresh Orange Zest@ 2 min.
1.00 gm Cinnamon @ 2 min.
1.00 gm Thyme @ 2 min.

WYeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity

Mash Schedule
Sacch Rest 80 min @ 155



Brewed September 17th 2011

For the first time measured the mash pH using my new pH meter. It was looking rather high so added a tbs of buffer salts to get it back to 5.2. Used untreated Madison tap water which is very hard – think I need to go back to RO water.

Prepared a 1 quart yeast starter, using dried malt extract. Fermenting vigorously after 8 hours (a little too vigorous, all over the floor when it escaped from the blowoff tube..). Smells good.

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