Beer Review – Fraoch Heather Ale

Fraoch Heather Ale from Williams Brothers Brewing, Stirling, Scotland

Bottle age unknown, best before date shown as February 2010 (this month…). Drank at 68F
Purchased from Steve's Liquor, Madison WI


Mid coloured golden ale. On pouring, had a small head that dissipated quickly leaving a little lacing.


Tom Thought :

Smells of apple, herbs (like Danish Aquavit) and lemon. Tastes smooth, not sweet but not too dry. Very enjoyable could drink more.

Martie Thought:

Subtle floral/herby scent with notes of honey, evocative of the Scottish highlands.  Taste is extraordinarily smooth and complex, with a sweetness which is not overpowering but perfectly balanced to the bitterness of the finish.  A drink which I imagine I will enjoy to excess, especially during the hot summer months.  Good find T!!


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